Our mission

Centering the Needs of Black Women

There is a complete lack of effective programs targeting student debt and its disproportionate impact on black women and women of color.

Boss Generation is the first of its kind to center and prioritize resources for navigating student debt for BIPOC women.

The Problem

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57% of black women borrowers have difficulty paying student loans due to gender pay and wealth gap.

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Women of color take an average of 2 years longer to pay off student loans.

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debt for women

Women of color often experience economic struggles while paying back their student loans.

We are on a mission to fight student loan debt for black women and women of color.

Student loan debt is stressful and hard. Oftentimes we are silent about the struggles. We’re here to put an end to the stigma and silence. Boss Generation offers various resources through our two programs. These programs include funds for student debt payments, coaching, and connects.